Cohort Studios Profile

Cohort Studios are a small independent digital entertainment studio, currently based out of Treforest, South Wales.

As a studio Cohort historically have experience in developing for PlayStation 3, PSP, PlayStation Network, PlayStation 2 and PC platforms, but have now rebooted and are focusing on high quality mobile/tablet experiences.

Cohort Studios in DundeeFormed in 2006, Cohort were nominated for Best New Studio at the Develop awards after our first year, and were the first Gaming company in Scotland recognised as an Investor In People by IIP Scotland. With continued success and a steady and measured expansion, the studio grew to become the third largest developer in Scotland. We were early adopters of the Playstation Move and were trusted by Sony to develop The Shoot  a Playstation Move launch title, as well as expanding their successful Buzz Jr franchise.

Using a core team approach, we look to partner and collaborate with other talent and studios rather than staff up internally which increases overheads and depersonalises the culture; we take our working culture and quality of life as seriously as the quality of our work.

You Can Play

Cohort Studios in DundeeOur You Can Play philosophy informs and drives our design processes and development methodologies. We create experiences that are ‘easy’ to enjoy but complex to master, and look to interface and communicate with the player in unique ways with the emphasis on accessibility. An inclusive approach that appeals to wide audiences and players of different abilities by providing layers and depth. You Can Play also gives us a team-centric approach to development and encourages individual ownership in our projects. It also motivates and fosters a culture of creative collaboration where everyone is treated as a valued and creative individual and vision holder.

Cohort Studios CREATE

CREATE details the companies core values that define how we work day to day as a team and how we interact with each other, clients and consumers. These values help communicate the company direction to everyone who works at Cohort such that everyone is aligned to the same vision and bound as a team. CREATE is broken into the following categories and covers topics such as the following:

  • Culture – an individual can make a difference, we’re all creative
  • Respect – trust, honesty and positivity
  • Environment – creating at the speed of thought, technology serves the vision
  • Audience – player experience focused, pick your battles
  • Team – collaboration, no egos, partnerships
  • Expectations – quality and professionalism

Praetorian Tech

Cohort Studios in Dundee

At its heart Praetorian Tech™ is a cross platform highly modular architecture for adapting a wide variety of interfaces to a common standard allowing rapid integration with a central scene representation. Praetorian Tech™ features a flexible render engine that allows us to define our own rendering styles whether that’s deferred shading with lit transparencies or realtime ambient occlusion.

Cohort also sports a cross platform 2D engine that currently supports PS3, PSP and PC, with iOS and Android soon to be added.