Buzz!Jr: Monster Rumble

RoboJam LogoWe have recently completed the conversion of 5 mini-games from Buzz!™ Junior: Monster Rumble onto the PlayStation 3 platform which will be released via the PlayStation Network distribution platform. The project consisted of taking the original mini-games, re-creating the visual assets to bring them up to the quality levels associated with PlayStation 3 and ensuring that everything worked within our own Praetorian™ technology. 

Buzz!™ Junior: Monster Rumble key features:

  • Buzz!™ Buzzer and DualShock support
  • Unlockable trophies
  • Fully customisable characters
  • PEGI 3+ Rating


The title is now available for download via the PlayStation Store!!

Monster Rumble  Monster Rumble

Monster Rumble  Monster Rumble